10 trends in Mobile Apps development in 2019

At the beginning of each year, we encounter many reports, summaries or forecasts about changes that are taking place or are waiting for us in the world of new technologies. Also, I decided to investigate this topic and after reading many materials from the above sources, I decided to prepare a summary of trends in mobile technology that we will be able to meet in 2019. I did not accidentally focus on this area, because the pace of implementation of new solutions in mobile applications, which thanks to its functionalities, which attracts users more at the expense of using laptops or desktop computers, are so large that we can not communicate this topic. The mobile solutions industry, in particular application developers, unless they give the pace of development of modern solutions in other branches of the economy, at least keep up with the speed of implementation of technologies encountered in the automotive industry or industry, especially Big Data and Learning solutions machine. These activities are aimed primarily at meeting the requirements of users expecting experience while using the application at the highest level.

From the report "global digital" prepared by We are social in 2018, we learn that:

  • In the world, 5 135 billion people use mobile devices, which is 4% more than in 2017.

  • The number of Internet users in 2018 is 4.021 billion, an increase of 7 percent year-on-year

  • The number of social media users in 2018 is 3.196 billion, an increase of 13 percent year-on-year

The year 2019 will be a continuation of the further development of the possibilities of mobile applications. We will be able to see new trends in the creation of mobile applications or a significant update of what users currently use. So let's look at what we can expect in the next year.

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The first place is occupied by technologies which, according to many specialists, will significantly change our daily lives. Apart from reducing the number of jobs occupied by employees performing routine activities resulting from the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms to automate this type of activity, the use of these technologies can also help mobile application developers reduce the level of application exits by users 30 days after installation. AI presents itself in the form of chatbots. Let us pay attention to the position that Siri takes in mobile devices today, which is only the fact that machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are an integral part of mobile applications.

The trend we will notice in 2019 will be even wider dissemination Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence in the form of virtual assistants and chatbots.

2. Augmented and Virtual Reality will steal the hearts of users

Users were given the opportunity to move to virtual reality (VR - Virtual Reality) from the application's developers, they basically did not have time to get to know its full potential, because the augmented reality (AR - Augumented Reality) technology has entered the market in recent years it had a huge impact on customers. The combination of digital visualization of a realistic world with virtual elements, will move users to an unprecedented level of experience when interacting with mobile applications. Both the use of AR and VR brings benefits not only for people using the application, but also for business.

According to Statist, the global AR and VR technology market will grow drastically from USD 27 billion in 2018 to 209 billion in 2022. Think about how these technologies can change how interior designers design their homes, how many hours spent on training production workers can be saved, and how much easier online shopping can become from "virtual fitting rooms". Also, social media users will not be able to complain about new features and filters that are regularly introduced by our favorite websites, namely Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. However, fans of games will fulfill their dreams of 'creating' their own world or at least interact with it, as exemplified by Pokemon Go.

3. AMP - the impact on the application speed

We must pay special attention to this phenomenon in 2019, because its development will play a very important role in the development of mobile applications. Research shows that users expect a maximum of 3 seconds to load a page or response to a mobile application request. If a website adapted to mobile devices or mobile applications exceeds this time, it is almost certain that users will become discouraged by the product and consequently uninstall it from their device. With the help here comes the solution from the giant from Mountain Viev, which is Google itself, who in cooperation with Twiiter'em developed an open source freeview called AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). His core - freamework allows you to create 'light' pages based on simplified HTML and CSS code. As a result, it is able to improve performance and speed up the loading of websites on mobile devices. Research has shown that the loading time of a mobile site has dropped by 78%.

AMP is one of the biggest trends in the development of mobile applications in 2019.

4. Instant applications are growing in strength

With the birth of the term "instant applications" in 2016, which Google became behind, the popularity of this solution is growing every year. Applications that open in a few seconds are greatly appreciated by users. No need to download native applications is another benefit for smartphone owners. Their interface and functionalities are user-friendly and characterized by simplicity. Their low memory requirements and attractive performance mean that mobile solution providers in 2019 will devote a lot of attention to this technology. It should be emphasized, however, that instant applications are not yet an ideal solution and still need a lot of time to improve.

5. Applications in portable devices will become even more common

According to the Business Intelligence report, the mobile devices market will grow by about 35% by 2019. It is no longer a novelty for us that our smartwatch allows you to: pay for purchases, calls, send messages or browse the Internet or help us to take care of good health and good figure, thanks to the measurement of heart rate, pressure and calories burned. The proof that the development of applications on portable devices, especially smartwatches, attracts the attention of large companies, is the interest of Uber, who intends to invest in this sector of new technologies.

6. This year, we can count on Chatbot's support again

According to the Statist, the global Chatbots market is expected to grow to $ 1.25 billion by 2025 - an increase of over $ 1 billion since 2016. On the basis of this data, it can be stated that chatbots become an inseparable part of our digital reality.

Their application is usually found in the form of virtual assistants in mobile applications - a great example is the messenger chatbot of the well-known  Domino's network, thanks to which we can order a pizza to the address indicated by us without calling. The use of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms makes implementation of chatbots in applications easy and requires no complicated coding. The year 2019 will be the time of further development of chatbots in mobile applications.

7. Secure Applications

The buzz about the security of users' data and the level of their use by application administrators is so large that it is impossible not to mention about it when talking about trends in the development of mobile technologies. In the mobile world, more and more dangerous and malicious software is hidden. It is much more difficult to discover potential vulnerabilities to fully avoid the risk of sensitive user data being leaked, especially as mobile applications store gigabytes of confidential information.

If you are the owner of the application or the creator, or maybe you are just creating a new product, you can not afford that your solution does not meet the latest trends related to the security of mobile applications that will appear in 2019.

Even technology giants such as Google and Apple are announcing to introduce very powerful safety features to their products.

8. New year = new mobile payment possibilities

According to BI Intelligence, the value of the mobile payments market by 2020 will amount to USD 503 billion, and the total annual growth rate in 2015-2020 will amount to 80%. Banks from year to year introduce simplifications for their clients using new mobile banking tools, also 2019 will be time for further development of electronic payments. M-wallets (mobile wallets) become more and more popular. All because of the ease and speed of their use or the benefits that users simply love. The question that comes to mind is not whether the M-wallets will replace the traditional form of money, but when will the countries withdrew from the production of paper money? But to this question let everyone answer myself according to my own thoughts.

9. Applications will support the Beacon system

Beacons-based devices co-create the customer service process by combining the physical and digital world, which for typical local businesses, such as restaurants and shops, creates an excellent opportunity to meet the requirements of today's customers, so strongly associated with mobile devices. Beacons themselves are simply devices mounted most often on the walls of buildings, which send a radio signal and communicate with smartphones via Bluetooth. The user who wants to use its functions should install the appropriate mobile application created for the place where it is located (for example, it may be a favorite restaurant), and then it must have the Bluetooth module turned on, and Beacon automatically connects to a nearby one. devices to finally provide on his screen special notifications most often informing about the promotion of the day. But Beacon is not limited only to flooding users with advertising offers, their spectrum of possibilities is still growing, and one of the practical examples of application is to act as a guide for the museum in which we are. Of course, user consent is required to receive such messages.

Defining Beacon systems which one of the main trends in the world of mobile applications is caused by huge benefits that companies will be able to achieve thanks to them.

Thanks to them, enterprises will be able to:

  • increase the base of your clients,

  • create effective product exhibitions,

  • identify target recipients and apply individual approaches to potential customers.

As you can see, the development of Beacon systems in 2019. It will also play a significant role for the owners of physical companies, thinking about creating your own mobile application that has much greater opportunities to optimistically expect a positive ROI than was previously possible.

10. The Internet of Things will also not let you forget about yourself

The Internet of Things, called in brief IoT, has made significant changes in the technological world in recent years. The use of this technology can not escape our attention, because it is an example of one of the most visible elements of technological progress, with which each of us has the opportunity to commune. The transport industry, health service, e-commerce, construction or urban agglomerations striving to obtain the title of 'smart cities' have found out about it.

Looking at the hitherto effects of implementing the Internet of Things, we can look into the future with even more optimism, with particular focus on the retail trade, real estate and the aforementioned smart cities, which hope that thanks to this technology they will eliminate the traffic jams and the lack of parking spaces in the face the ever-increasing number of city dwellers.

Also, the education system will be able to significantly improve the communication process on the student-teacher-parent line, where the last group will be able to monitor the progress in learning their children in real time.

Healthcare is probably one of the main sectors that can greatly exploit the potential of the Internet of Things to improve the quality of services provided. The Internet of Things used in the medical industry has created conditions in which the work of doctors has been greatly facilitated, and patients could enjoy the easier access to specific services. The practical application of IoT for doctors is the ability to receive more precise data on the health status of their patients to accurately plan the treatment or prophylaxis process.

To be a leader, you need to know more …

As you can see, the number of mobile applications is growing from year to year. Our everyday activities that we perform using the application allow not only to facilitate their performance but to fully automate. The mobile application industry is one of the fastest absorbing modern technologies. Actually, they are the beginning of the dissemination of data solutions, as exemplified by e-portfolios or mobile banking, and the progress they make each year is irreversible and changes not only the way we use the Internet, but most of all the way we operate in everyday life.

Developers must constantly follow the developments in the mobile applications industry and virtually continually monitor the development of new solutions created by Apple and Google to be able to implement these changes in a timely manner in order to provide the highest quality experience to their users when using built applications.

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