Why do we believe in partnerships?

At the beginning of each company's existence, its founders feel that the whole world lies at their feet, and the term such as competition practically does not exist. However in the WroCode case was totally different. However, in the case of WroCode it was completely different. Since the first day we knew that if we wanted to compete in the market segments where more experienced companies are present, we would have to adapt to the rules of the game, which were set by them.That is why we decided to build our own brand based on the following elements:

- Offering services related to the technologies with which the funders work on a daily basis (technology specialisation)

- Specialisation of services, i.e. entering the world of new technologies where there is no leader on the local market

- Establishing strategic partnerships.

The last of the mentioned elements is in our opinion the key one, especially from the perspective of recent events, which I wanted to inform you about in this entry. A few days ago we established a strategic partnership with Wroclaw-based technology company - Hubranch, headed by Mateusz Bosek (who in the past was responsible for building and managing IT teams directly for customers from the Middle East). In consequence of the merger of forces, both companies can enter a completely new level of provided services. The fusion enables us to offer our customers a complete range of services, including not only the development of Web&Mobile solutions, but also the complete entry into the world of Machine Learning and Big Data. Joining our forces is from our perspective a definite hit, because the essence of Hubranch is based on expanding the existing IT teams with completely new/complete technical teams composed of Polish specialists, which is a form of moving away from outsourcing or providing services as Software House.

For us, this decision has become a step towards absolute technological and industry specialization, and by joining forces with Hubranch we can meet all the requirements that customers face every day, but are unable to cope with them on their own. Both WroCode and Hubranch brought to the partnership their key competitive advantages: knowledge of the needs of Middle Eastern customers, technical knowledge and relationships with partners representing the academic community.

What's next?

The result of the merger is a decisive acceleration of the development of both companies, thanks to the use of their "foundations" on which they were built. A very important area in which our presence will be very visible is supporting the development of local communities focused around specific technologies. Organizing hackhatons or meetups is toping the list dedicated to attracting IT talent. A very important element, which is still neglected in Poland, is the establishment of partnerships with technical universities, where we want to be present not only as potential employers, but as a link between the world of science and business, without which the development of technology, i.e. Artificial Intelligence will be impossible. The last, and at the same time the most important direction of joint activity is the creation of the Hub of technology in the very centre of Europe, where both mature companies, emerging startups and companies on a dynamic path of development, need teams, complete in technical terms, which will not provide services for them, but will become part of their company.


We can only roll up our sleeves and consistently strive to achieve our goals, which will definitely require a lot of work and patience. We know that with determination, knowledge and experience we will create something completely new that will change the world of technology in this part of Europe.

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